Manifolds are guaranteed to be free from defects, cracks, stripped threads or excessive
milling and/or porting at time of purchase unless defect is discussed prior to purchase.

A- Normally in stock for immediate shipment
B- Normally 1-2 week delivery cycle
C- Normally 3-4 week delivery cycle
D- Hard to find item. More than 3-4 week delivery cycle
N- New items. Usually in stock for immediate shipment

All prices indexed by cost. Please call for current price.

Accessory Items
  Air Cleaner Elements
  Air Cleaner Insignia
  Air Cleaners
  Carb Linkage Kits
  Carb Linkage Repair Parts
  Carb Spacers and Adapters
  Fuel Logs
  Heater Hose Inlets and Bypass Tubes
  Manifold Breathers
  Oil Fill Tubes
  PCV Plates, Baskets and Elements
  Surge Tanks
  Thermostat Housings and Thermostats
  Valley Cover Gaskets and Plates
  Valve Cover Breathers
  Valve Cover Breathers
Intake and Exhaust Aluminum Manifolds
  Exhaust Manifolds
  Intake Manifolds



Prices subject to change without notice

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